9.2.2017   We are making new music. Be careful out there, it is going to be monsterous!!


Mudwalker is a new band from Finland. Since 2006 they have shaken the bottoms of the rocking world.
The band is known of their brutal stage show, shocking rock treatment and their looks are straight from outer space. Their music will penetrate your minds and your souls. They make you feel good, strong,
open-minded and full of energy.


If you want rock & punk…

If you want the show...

If you want the moves...

If you want authenticity...

If you want great vibes…

If you want something to tell to your friends…


…then you want Mudwalker!!!


What has the press write about us:


Introducing the Band:

Max Mini

The little man in tight pants, striking looks and high voices make you get moving you arses all around the ballroom.

Max loves massive sounds, lovely melodies and getting crazy. And he has a thing going on with his bass guitar, it can simply be called Love!!

Pete Brutanium

The master of thunderous riffs and the ambassador of
funny melodies is Pete Brutanium. He is one of the most original-sounding (less talented?) rock-guitarists and singers there is. You can’t only hear his playing, you can also feel it down to your backbones.

Sam Bepsi

Half-machine, half-man. The big boy behind the drums is
Sam Bepsi. He can play fast, heavy and he sings like a
fallen angel. Sam’s drumming is the jumbo-jet carrying on Mudwalker’s rock machine. His playing makes Mudwalker take off the ground and let the engines roar across the blue sky. And what comes to Sam’s stage-presence; you’ll never know what you will see and hear.


We have lots of funny videos hier Bitte schön.

Mudwalker - Polle (Live)

Mudwalker - Attenzion (I Hate You)

Mudwalker - I Don't Wanna Wake

Mudwalker - Mein Vater (Live)

Mudwalker - Paappa Ripaa (Live)

Our music, por favor

Here you can listen to our music. On the right you can find our debut album "Witchy Family". It was recorded at Äänimaailma 71 in Eura, Finland, and published in 2013 by our own label Mudflow Entertainment.

In the future we are adding here some of our fresh songs, recorded at Max's studio or just recordings from our band rehearsals. These are so called "bubbling under" stuff, so stay alert and stay tuned for more rock'n'roll!


Upcoming Shows

20.7.2018  Harolafest, Eura


Gigs  2012–2018:


18.8.2017  Blue Sea Film Festival, Amarillo, Rauma


8.7.2016 Harolafest, Eura

14.5.2016 Pulina pub (V.P.Sika & Mudwalker), Turku

2.1.2016 Public House Kauttua, Eura


12.12.2015 TVO (The Night of the Goth), Turku

11.7.2015 Harolafest, Eura

17.4.2015 Pub Hovinarri, Rauma

21.3.2015 Private Event, Huittinen


6.9.2014 St. Ranta, Säkylä

12.7.2014 Harolafest, Eura

6.7.2014 Musiikkikahvila Sointu, Turku

5.7.2014 Private Event, Huittinen

4.6.2014 Jack the Rooster, Tampere

23.5.2014 Iltaravintola Kalliohovi, Rauma

16.5.2014 Rokbar, Turku

10.4.2014 Portti, Turku

28.2.2014 Ravintola Kiska, Rauma


7.12.2013 Pub Hovinarri, Rauma

5.8.2013 Ketolan kirkastusjuhlat, Sastamala

5.7.2013 Harolafest, Eura


10.11.2012 Private Event, Rauma

4.10.2012 Night Factory, Harjavalta

5.7.2012 Harolafest, Eura


We have funny pictures here.

Pictures 05/2014:

Pictures 02/2014:


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CD albums

Witchy Family (debut full CD album 2013)





Mudwalker T-shirt (coming later)

Contact Us


Please call or send us email for more information about booking Mudwalker or buying the products.


Markus Kivivuori

Max Mini-Musiikki

+358 44 302 0442



Petteri Hyvärinen
+358 44 047 8473



Sami Lindfors

+358 44 572 4938


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